What I observed while I was (possibly) parked illegally

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WHILE parked at the end of New Road in Spalding today, possibly not quite legally (does it matter these days anyway) I observed most of the laws of cycling on the road being ignored.

Can anyone tell us, when was the last time a cyclist was prosecuted for:

nRiding the wrong way down a one-way street;

nRiding on non cycling footpaths;

nRiding two up on a bike;

nRiding without due care (too fast, no lights, ignoring red lights);

nNo bell;

nUnsafe brakes.

Despite quite a few letters on this same subject in these columns over the last few months, why does it not attract a response?

I suppose the fact that Spalding is slowly going downhill isn’t obvious to the people that could possibly do something about it.


Oakley Drive


PS: If PEDALS has any ink left, it would be interesting to hear their comments, because it appears to me that the majority of his ‘followers’ think that every piece of path is a cycleway and the highway code is taboo.

Why spend time and money on proper cycleways when they ignore them more often than not and cycle on the other side of the road when it suits them?