We can light up the Wash

Once again Sutton Bridge has been “sold down the river”.

On Wednesday South Holland District Council planning committee agreed with the terms offered by PREL.

At Sutton Bridge we will now have imposed upon us – all in the same area:

Seven wind turbines (up and running)

A gas turbine power station (up and running)

A biomass gasifier/ incinerator (to be built, ground work already started)

A massive wind turbine farm in the wash with all the power lines coming under ground through Sutton Bridge

A “plan B” gas turbine power station (to be built)

The only thing missing is a nuclear power station and then, hooray, we will have hit the jackpot!

Put a light bulb into the ground and we will be able to light up the wash.

Put enough into the ground and we could turn the power off for the nation.

Is Sutton Bridge now the power house for England ?

Shirley Giles

Sudeley House

Wharf Street

Sutton Bridge