WAR HISTORY: Gratitude to Polish soldiers

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RW Morris “seems to remember” that we went to war in 1939 because Poland was invaded (Letters, Lincolnshire Free Press, February 12).

True, but not to save Poland: it was too late for that.

Britain and France went to war to try to limit Hitler’s expansion in their own interests.

Meanwhile, the Poles fought valiantly against the German invasion, but inevitably succumbed to overwhelming force.

They had already handed over to the allies the invaluable work they had done in breaking the initial Enigma code, and went on to provide the crack squadron of the RAF in the battle of Britain.

While Poland suffered all the horrors of the occupation, both German and Soviet, many Poles fought on the allied side throughout the war.

RW Morris talks of “gratitude”. Britain’s thanks to the Poles at the end of the war, was to

acquiesce in handing their country over to Soviet dominance, condemning them to another quarter century or so of miserable oppression.

Why do the anti-immigrant brigade seem so short on historical fact?

John Tippler

Pinchbeck Road