VISITORS: Why close top attraction on our busy market day?

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I’m a Spalding water taxi pilot. When I am on the water taxi, I try my best to sell Spalding as best as I can to all my passengers, as I am sure my fellow pilots do too.

We get a lot of visitors who decide to come to Spalding on a Tuesday, not only to see the town but being market day as well.

I find it very frustrating when, proceeding down the river and talking about Ayscoughfee Hall (our biggest tourist attraction), I have to add: “Sorry but it is closed on a Tuesday,” so you can’t visit the museum.

I can see the dismay on their faces, and them thinking: “Why did you just tell us all this if it’s closed?”

I feel as though I am apologising every week for it being closed.

I understand that in these present times, cuts have to be made, but what logical reason is there to have the hall closed on a market day?

People like coming to Spalding, people like a trip on the water taxi, and I am sure that they would like a visit round Ayscoughfee Museum when they visit on a Tuesday.

Terry Day

Spalding water taxi pilot