TOWN CENTRE: Opportunity must not be missed

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I was very pleased to read that plans are under way to recruit a town centre manager for Spalding. I hope that this will mark a step towards developing a plan for the regeneration of the town centre.

I continue to be particularly concerned about the area around The Vista. The Bull and Monkey site has been an eyesore for far too long. It looks even worse now that it has become the target for large ugly graffiti. I hope that the town centre manager will have this near the top of their agenda.

I understand that the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society are considering moving to new premises in order to make their wonderful collection more generally accessible and to allow them to develop their academic and educational objectives. I would dearly love to see the Gentlemen’s Society operating from a suitable building at the heart of this area flanked by some of the finest historic architecture that Spalding has retained.

The town has an opportunity to work with an imaginative developer to produce a scheme that could transform the area between Ayscoughfee Hall, St Mary and St Nicolas Church and the Crystal Inn and White Horse into a thriving centre for visitors supported by residential developments and commercial activities.

Spalding needs to make the most of its unique assets to bring visitors and business to the town. I trust that the opportunity will not be missed to provide a new setting for some of the town’s jewels.

John Bennett

Vicar of Spalding, 
St Mary and St Nicolas