TOWN CENTRE MANAGER: Let’s get back to basics first

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Some of the suggestions for improvement to the centre are very interesting – even inspired – but I would make a plea for us to begin with the ground beneath our feet.

The brick paving is in serious need of repair or replacement, with its booby traps everywhere for elderly, disabled or sight-impaired users. I for one dare hardly raise my eyes from the ground.

Then there are those brick kerbs which appear to merge completely with the two levels which they separate. The sooner they go, the better.

My third plea relates to the backless benches, which provide no rest at all for walk-weary backs. Please let us have seating arrangements which are designed for comfort when needed; not torture.

When attention has been given to these basic needs we shall all be ready to raise our eyes and our imagination to something truly innovative and inspirational, as well as practical.

Carol Burton