Thought For The Week: The more you can let go, the richer you are

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My mother-in-law died recently, and we have been busy dealing with her belongings. This has reminded us of certain timeless truths and taught us some important lessons afresh.

Everyone must make a will. She had. Even though there have still been decisions to make, just imagine having no guidance from her.

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth.” She was no more a hoarder than most of us and certainly no miser, and her instinct was to make do and mend rather than throw things out wastefully and save for times of hardship which we can all admire, but we have found any amount of stuff put by just in case, stuff which was actually never going to be of any use to her, either in the here and now or afterwards. So, travel light.

Today’s prized possession can quickly become tomorrow’s clutter. We have been taking carloads to the tip, and in the skips we have seen heaps of things dumped, no matter what they cost originally. Don’t be fooled by the sales-talk and the clever packaging: things are just things. They may serve, but they don’t last.

But if you stop wanting to cut costs and make money and are instead ready to give things away, all of a sudden the pressure is gone. What you put out on your driveway or the freecycle website becomes a means of generating relationships, meeting real needs and creating happiness. The more you can let go, the richer you are. Everyone gains that way.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting