THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Let’s do away with borders and barriers

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The one drawback about the Thought for the Week is the border around the edge.

As you read this you could be forgiven for regarding it as an island of quiet reflection and faith, and maybe certainty, surrounded by a sea of non-religious items that is never still and often turbulent.

If you really do need things to calm down so that you can find your way to a safe haven, I sincerely hope this article, or others in the series, help you to reach harbour and give you peace.

But even so I reckon the border is actually not as solid as it appears: religion, represented by the Thought for the Week, and the everyday rough and tumble world outside are closely bound together if either is to have any meaning.

Religion is empty unless it is earthed in the home, the hospital, the classroom, the council chamber, the crash scene, the playing field, the workshop, all the places we read about on other pages. And any human relationship or encounter without respect, patience, tolerance, kindness, in fact love in its many forms, is a poor empty thing and not worth pursuing.

So let’s do away with borders, partitions and barriers – let’s even imagine what a church would be like without walls.

Roger Seal

Spalding Quaker Meeting