THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Introduce a little sunshine

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We all have days when things go wrong and I was having one of those days.

It was raining and as I travelled to work at the hospital I seemed to find every slow moving vehicle possible and then, as I approached Boston, there were roadworks.

Things changed after half an hour talking to an elderly lady who was sitting by her bed and looking out of the window.

We began chatting and I discovered that this lady is almost blind and her hearing isn’t too great either. In her words she is ready for “the scrapheap, and not much use to anyone”.

I listened to her story and she had led an active life, visiting some interesting places and had met some important people too.

By the end of our conversation the frustrations of the morning had gone. I thanked my new friend for brightening my day and told her she definitely wasn’t ready for the scrapheap.

When our Lord walked this earth he made friends with people from all walks of life. They talked, walked and ate together, listening to one anothers stories and supporting one another.

We, too, should respect those we meet and spend time sharing our lives. The next time you talk to a stranger you may be changing a rainy day into a day of sunshine.


Whaplode Church