THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: God embraces all of our experiences – good or bad

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ONE good, one bad!

Olympic security? It’s potentially a fiasco and so the army rides to the rescue. On the other hand, the weather forecasters predicted that our unrelenting wet weather would finish before the games.

This plus and minus often resonates with us, doesn’t it? A member of the family dies but then a baby is expected shortly. Or, redundancy opens up another totally unexpected opportunity, and then we say “every cloud has a silver lining”.

Happiness can be affected by our circumstances, the smile evaporating in adversity.

We may be optimists, realists or pessimists. Our glass may normally be half-full or half-empty but life is full of twists and turns, isn’t it?

Life doesn’t seem fair often. Some never have anything go wrong and don’t particularly deserve it, and others never have anything go right but do deserve blessing.

God has embraced all of humanity’s experience in Jesus Christ, on the cross. No-one can point an accusing finger at God and say: “You have no idea what I am going through!”

Jesus bore humanity’s downside in order to buy something better for us, and life with God in it is worth having any day.


Long Sutton Baptist Church