Thought for the week

I used to be part of a group of professionals that encouraged new technologies that could be of great benefit and help them become a reality.

One thing I discovered was how difficult a job this was, not just in business terms, but that your discoveries could even cost you your life.

I knew a man who had discovered cheap pollution-free energy. After worldwide publicity he was mysteriously murdered. His secret lives on however.

A privileged farmer friend has an advanced machine which can increase food production and minimise environmental damage. It could transform farming.

Also I suspect a simple machine could be made here in this area and vastly cut your fuel bills – without turbines or solar panels.

It is so difficult getting new things off the ground. I found that money and vested interests rule, and the wellbeing and rights of individuals have little value, no matter what well meaning leaders often say.

I do believe prayer works for people of passion – not just because God hears us pray but because praying enables our hearts and minds to be supernaturally open to the only power that can save our world today, and it isn’t to do with money.


St Peter and St Paul’s

Church, Gosberton