These people need the company, friendship and guidance they can only get at the centre

The Chappell Centre
The Chappell Centre
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THE subject on which I wish to make my views felt is the intention to close the Chappell Centre and the respite centre on Pinchbeck Road, Spalding.

My strong feeling is that the councillors have no idea of the ‘caring for’ of mentally and physically handicapped people.

These people need the company of other people, the friendship and guidance which they can only get at a centre, such as the Chappell Centre. It is their right not to be isolated at home all day. They cannot take employment or join groups to form relationships, but they need our help, not just a money handout.

I do know the subject, as my son, Richard, who was severely physically disabled, attended the Chappell Centre for many years. He ‘blossomed’ with the experience, meeting friends, and the wonderful people there on the staff. He went on holidays and loved it all.

The respite centre was a service for an overnight stay occasionally, which allowed the rest of the family to have some normality.

My son has recently died, aged 57, but I shall be forever grateful to the people at the Chappell Centre for enriching his life more than we could do at home.

Please, councillors, think again and do not remove the lifeline of these vulnerable people.


Bicker Road