Their duty to prevent and detect crime

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I read with interest the article in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press and especially the plea by Sgt Stuart Hurst to “please only judge us on crime we’re aware of”.

I thought that a part of police duties is to prevent and detect crime.

Crime prevention infers a police presence on our streets, not somebody sitting at Nettleham (Lincolnshire Police HQ, over 40 miles away) waiting for a phone call from a person witnessing a crime, who also happens to own a mobile phone that can get a signal where they happen to be, before the police take action.

It has been my experience that the public judge our police on the numbers of uniformed officers they see out and about who are dealing with people behaving in an anti social manner, littering or committing crime.

The police have made a big song and dance about PCSOs and themselves being given new pedal cycles. I presume this is the wheel turning full circle as there used to be nominated cycle beats in and around Spalding.

Perhaps Sgt Hurst would answer this question: “Have all eight cycles at the disposal of Spalding police ever been all used at the same time?”

Nigel Wickenden

Buttercup Corner

Smithdale Close