The Board carries out vital and unsung work

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The Welland and Deepings Internal Drainage Board feel it only right to respond to the kind words of Chris Carter and Michael Townsend in their recent letters to your newspaper.

Many people who live in the Fens may not realise the daily work that is undertaken to maintain the drainage infrastructure within their area.

The Internal Drainage Boards carry out vital and often unsung work to protect the local area from the risk of flooding.

This work enables us all to go about our day to day lives in an area below mean sea level.

For those that have not been we would strongly recommend visiting our Pinchbeck Engine Museum when it re-opens next year (or by appointment).

This museum and the curators who look after it paint a detailed picture of how far we have come with Fens’s drainage since the 17th century.

Our ancestors have entrusted us with a fantastic drainage network. It is our responsibility to maintain and enhance it for future generations.

Welland & Deepings

Internal Drainage Board,

Deeping House, Welland

Terrace, Spalding