THANKS: Purse sender has a true platinum heart

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Last Monday (November 12) my daughter was on the 505 bus to Spalding on her way to work.

On arrival she realised she’d left on the bus her purse, which contained, apart from ten pounds in cash, her driving license and bank card.

A call to the bus company revealed nothing, after a check of the bus by the driver, so a post was put online asking anyone to look out for it in case it was lost in the street around the bus-stop.

Despite a great community effort to distribute the post, it came to nothing and the purse was assumed permanently lost.

Imagine our surprise on Wednesday when a parcel arrived addressed to her. Inside was her purse, complete with all cash, license and cards.

There was nothing else but a brief note from whoever had sent it, with no signature or return address.

The only clue we have is “P6” on the Post Office stamp, which was first class at £2.70. My daughter was stunned, and absolutely thrilled.

We would like to thank whoever posted this back; hopefully you are reading this. If you are, allow yourself a small, no doubt modest, smile!

This demonstrates that there are still people out there that hold such values as honesty and respect in the highest regard.

To hand it in as it was found would have been one thing but to post it at their own expense, and anonymously, shows a true platinum heart!

Sue Tucker-Reynolds

via email