Thanks but we still need your support

Following our success in securing a landmark victory after plans to construct six turbines on Tydd St Giles Fen were thrown out by the government, FenRATS would like to thank all residents of Sutton St Edmund and the surrounding villages for their unstinting and generous support throughout the three-year fight.

Our thanks go also to John Hayes MP who fought our cause at higher political levels.

We are grateful to The Spalding Guardian which has reported on our campaign at every stage.

The battle may be won, but not without much stress and uncertainty and financial outlay for all concerned.

FenRATS need everyone’s continued support to raise the remaining thousands of pounds to settle the costs of the legal and expert team which FenRATS were forced to engage to represent our residents’ interest at the public appeal inquiry.

So we would ask everyone to attend and support our forthcoming fundraising events or offer donations or loans to the fighting fund so that we can all resume to live our former relatively stress-­free lives as soon as possible.

Geoff Scaplehorn

Tydd St Giles Fen