SPALDING: My ideas for the town

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Regarding the current feature about “What’s in the pipeline for Spalding”, may I offer a few ideas.

One thing we sadly have to live with is the folly of the Red Lion/White Elephant that still stands there as a permanent monument to waste and non thinking on part of those who should have known better and admit it was beyond them in the first instance.

Perhaps we could shut the library and save money as there is an alternative.

I base this on having to wade through numerous “readers” in WH Smith’s on most occasions I venture in.

Then all the buildings, shops and ghettos in waiting that have ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Rent’ signs outside to have a facelift and have common sense wording on the signs like “Make Us An Offer”.

The permanent craft market idea is a bit of a loser in real terms as having visited assorted such craft fairs and events in the area over the past year, often to the sound of one’s own footsteps sadly, you would have to have strong support for it initially.

Perhaps certain drinking establishments could have culture consultants with the standard issue “bolt on” biceps on the front doors in order to keep assorted riff raff in as opposed to tripping over some of the clientele lying outside on the pavement.

I offer the above as opposed to spending thousands on the usual perceived consultants when a real census of the real local population should be sought to glean what is required and no more vanity buildings/ideas and a simple questionnaire or letter could be filled in, assuming an empty shop/building could be allocated for this purpose.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End