SKATE PARK: Users should sign a litter picking contract

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If the proposed Holbeach skate park goes ahead I as a tax payer will want to know who will be responsible for the maintenance, considering that the previous structure developed a serious fault, created a haven for half witted so called graffiti artists and encouraged so many of the other users to deposit rubbish everywhere even though bins were specially provided.

Often the litter would contain broken glass which had been scattered around making it dangerous for the smaller children using the other facilities.

After a busy weekend the park used to look like a rubbish tip. This meant that the park keeper and assistant would have to waste their time picking up the litter left by those who also so desperately wanted a skate park.

If anybody wants to be reminded of what it used to look like then visit the skate track in Spalding, particularly after a busy weekend.

My advice to Holbeach Parish Council is, before any permission is granted , a legally binding contract be signed by all those who are interested in the idea, to accept full responsibility for litter picking and graffiti clean up, this will be necessary as I am sure the Parish and South Holland District Council have no spare money or staff for such.

PJ Wiseman

Cherry Tree House, Cherry Tree Lane, Holbeach