SHOPS: No way to run a shop

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As both a local Internet trader and member of the local Chamber of Commerce, I was interested to read in the Spalding Guardian that our local president is “urging people to buy more from local shops and less from the Internet”.

It seems to me that the primary objective of a retailer should be to sell customers what they want in the manner they wish to buy it and it is overwhelmingly obvious that people want to buy from the Internet.

I dearly love Spalding and I would hate to see the demise of any of our shops. To prevent this, I would suggest that Mr Scarlett urges the shopkeepers to embrace the Internet, target a nationwide audience, get themselves a website and provide what customers are asking for. A well-stocked shop is a wonderful place from which to start an Internet business. I would respectfully suggest that pushing water uphill is no way to run a shop, a town or a Chamber of Commerce.

Colin King

Managing Director

Jigthings Limited