Sex Olympics, without right health and safety measures?

I was rather intrigued to read in the Free Press last week about the bench (allegedly) being used for the “sex Olympics” in Spalding, across the river from The Cley Hall Hotel.

Shocked to see no mention of a risk sssessment having been taken, plus not a jot about high visibility clothing being worn, no monitoring from the Health and Safety section, not a hint as to if planning permission had been sought or was pending allowing for public consultation.

Also not a word about if the matter had been referred to the sub-committee that meets every other Thursday, rain permitting, and not to upset or tread on the toes of the sub, being passed to the sub committee that meets on every third Tuesday, allowing for the room not being used by the Sprout Picker’s Social Club Trombone Troupe (affiliated) for their band practice or importantly if the bench has been granted a license to sell/distribute intoxicating liquor after hours.

More damningly no mention of EEC Directive GB:387523dash8966654stroke8793324564full stop.

So based on the above seemingly not having had all or any of the right boxes ticked as required, I can’t believe that anything untoward has been happening to be honest as this is how things are done nowadays, in a proper passion, sorry, fashion.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End