Salary of £27,000 is appropriate

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After reading Mr Carter’s letter in the Spalding Guardian of January 26 regarding the salary for the new clerk to the parish council in Holbeach I felt compelled to reply.

I have seen the job description and the tasks expected of the clerk, and it is a responsible job. Not only is the clerk expected to deal with day to day administration, correspondence and enquiries but to be bookkeeper and payroll administrator.

The clerk is expected to attend all parish council and sub-committee meetings – as well as organising said meetings, taking the minutes and distributing them afterwards.

Other roles include the administration of the cemetery, ensuring health and safety, data protection and other legislation relating to the running of a parish council – and also ensuring the councillors adhere to the rules and regulations. I’m sure this is just a small part of the job and there is more to it that I am unaware of.

It seems to me that the clerk has to be a secretary, treasurer, bookkeeper, telephonist, administrator and customer service advisor, HR manager and more so a salary of up to £27,000 is appropriate.

S Gibbs