ROYAL NAVY: More help in tracing your shipmates

Since my recent letter about the HMS Collingwood Association was kindly printed by the Spalding Guardian and others, the response has been terrific, but I have also received many requests for a bit more help.

“Mike I saw your letter and I did my training there, but I am looking for my mates from the electrical mess of HMS Rusty Bucket in the Far East in the 70s” and more.

Well, they need look no further than the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association, where a specialist member of the committee is collating all of the HM ships the members served on and their dates. That Association’s web site is a good place to start. For details of the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association, and the next reunion, contact Brian Joy, 237A Tithe Farm Court, Alexandra Avenue,Harrow, Middlesex HA2 9DN or email and please mention this newspaper.

Mike Crow

via email