Rid our streets of the all-day parkers and it would free up space

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SO Spalding traders fear shoppers will be driven away if parking time limits are strictly enforced.

Town publican Pete Williams should not be concerned about parking as the majority of his customers should not be in cars anyway.

The Punchbowl in New Road is open all hours so people drinking should be walking or taking a taxi, not driving.

If the council did a survey of New Road/Westlode Street, where parking is restricted to two hours, it would find that cars are parked there all day and not for two hours as the notice says.

In Broad Street, where the restriction is one hour, the parking situation is worse and also requires a survey.

All these people could park in the car park in Westlode car park all day for £1. Why not turn the old Post Office sorting office into a building with flats and multi-storey parking – this would also help parking in the town.

I think it needs some control on parking in the streets as the notices at present of one and two hour parking are not working and these parking enforcement officers patrolling the streets can only improve the movement of cars retaining all day parking in the street as people would not have to rush around as more parking would be available as cars would not be parked there all day.



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