RELIGION: It’s the Rev that needs to open his eyes

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So the Reverend Sheard saw five different species of butterfly recently and attributed their beauty to a great creator (Thought For The Week in the Spalding Guardian, September 12).

What he fails to mention is, along with virtually every other living creature on this planet, they will likely have met with an untimely death as a result of being devoured by predators, and those towards the top of that food chain experience fear and what must be excruciating pain as a result of being eaten alive.

From the perspective of most creatures on earth , this planet is a very nasty place on which to live.

If a great creator is responsible, you would have thought he could have found a more benevolent way of sustaining life as the existing one has much in common with the suffering imposed in Hitler’s concentration camps.

Might I suggest it’s the Reverend that needs to open his eyes?

Stop attributing all that’s good to your God while ignoring the pain and suffering that his supposed creations experience?

How I wish I had such a naive view of life.

Andrew MacDonald