Quite literally moving the goalposts!

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ON the very same day that the great retail shopping guru Mary Portas revealed bold plans in the national press to regenerate the ailing high street shops of Britain (December 13), it was very heartwarming and exciting, initially, to read your Lincolnshire Free Press headline ‘Exciting plans for town centre’.

Unfortunately this burst of excitement was soon dashed as further reading of the article revealed that these plans relate to the redevelopment of the Holland Market and bus station and quite possibly the Sir Halley Stewart football field also, and do not involve in any way the true ‘town centre’ as we know it.

I do not recall in any way that the Mary Portas national plan advocated moving town centres to fit the criteria, and furthermore in this instance and at the same time, quite literally ‘moving the goalposts’!


Beach Lane

Gosberton Risegate