POWER STATION PLAN: Has he read all the facts?

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In reply to the letter from Mr Brandon King regarding the proposed gasifier for Sutton Bridge.

Mr Brandon King supports the PREL gasifier, which will mean:

nA huge increase in traffic movements through a village that he, as chairman of the parish council, presided over the removal of a scheme designed to slow traffic and paid over ££20,000 for a zebra crossing due to fears for public safety;

nTwelve chimneys spoiling the skyline;

nIntroducing PM1 and PM2.5 into the air which could have carcinogenic affects to residents in a 20-mile radius;

nThe creation of jobs (if any) for which few local residents have the skills to apply;

nCreate problems for villages such as Tydd St Mary and Sutton St James when the vehicles use the roads as rat runs to Peterborough;

nDe-value house prices; nLower the quality of life for the residents.

Mr Brandon King objects to a mrina, which will mean: nProvision for 69 moorings for visiting leisure craft;

nThe enhancement of the West Bank;

nIncrease in the economic development for the town and its businesses;

nPromote tourism;

nIncrease house prices;

nEnhance the quality of life for residents.

I guess Mr Brandon-King thinks differently than most of us.

I ask Mr Brandon-King if he has taken the time to actually read and consider the facts on either subject or has he based his views on his dislike of the marina committee?

Or is it his continued support of a certain local councillor who has been seen delivering leaflets for PREL and who has been absent from public meetings since the residents have come out in force to object, should it affect his chances of re-election in May 2013?

K Mills

London Road

Long Sutton