Police chief, share your plans please

I feel for the very first time that I need to put pen to paper so to speak and ask some serious questions as to why the so-called cutting down on the street drinkers has seemingly come to an end.

As a young mother I am now feeling intimidated and scared to walk along the riverside from around the town centre. The worst area is by the Poacher pub up to High Bridge where just this morning (Wednesday) at around 8am there were four foreign nationals swigging from cans and leering as well as the usual local we always see drinking “known as the tattooed face one” who is always around come night or day.

The sight of someone urinating at 8am which I have seen in the past surely is a criminal offence.

So, along with many of my friends, I would like the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police to answer these questions:

l Has the so-named Operation Trunk come to an end? Was it just to coincide with the flower parade?

l Does he think that the DPPO is really working? The public has now lost faith in this completely.

l Can we have a more visible presence on the streets to prevent such things as drinking, spitting and urinating ?

l Does he realise that more and more young mothers feel threatened and intimidated by these drinkers standing in shop doorways, sitting on the benches in town and in general causing a nuisance? And, if so, what are his plans for now and the future ?

P Hudson