Please keep up your campaign and reclaim our beautiful town

WHEN I read South Holland District Council deputy leader Nick Worth’s letter in the Spalding Guardian of August 30 regarding your “We’ve Had Enough” campaign I thought: ‘Typical councillor with his head in the sand.”.

So I was delighted with the editor’s response in his comment column.

We moved to Spalding in 2004 because we had heard it was a lovely town to retire to.

In 2008 we moved out to Fleet Hargate because I could no longer sit on the benches outside of Boots because of the drunken foreigners.

Then I found that when I walked the length of Hall Place from the Sheep Market to Woolwoorths I didn’t hear English spoken at all, unless I went into a shop.

On another occasion I was unable to stop two foreign women stealing from the Sense charity shop.

The final straw came after months of cleaning up the empty cans of foreign beer from our front garden, when the local drug dealer began dealing from his white van every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 12.15am – and the police told us they were unable to provide the manpower to stop this.

Now I drive into Holland Market once a week to shop in Sainsbury’s and then I come straight home.

I don’t go into the town centre at all any more, something I used to really enjoy, because, if anything, Spalding seems to be getting worse, not better.

So please keep up your campaign to improve and maybe reclaim what once used to be a beautiful town to visit and live in.


Eastgate Gardens