PLANNING: Highways did not consult bus company

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There’s nowhere to go as Boston hits gridlock…again!

‘We can’t go round, we can’t go over, we certainly can’t get through and unlike the Scottish referendum no one thought to discuss the impact of it. Here we are again, a major programme of road works under way and no-one thought to ask the local bus operator (Brylaine) what effect this might have on public transport services (project on the Lincolnshire County Council website expected to run up until November 28).

If they had, perhaps in contrast to the leader of the SNP, we might have been able to give a concise answer and deliver a workable Plan B for the thousands of passengers it impacts on every day!

The current roadworks on Boston’s John Adams Way/Haven Bridge in particular last week held all road users including bus passengers in a vice-like grip, so firstly we would like to say to all our passengers that we regret the delays and inconvenience they have suffered and we not only sympathise with them but totally understand their frustration; as we too are bearing the pressure of the latest Highway project on Boston’s continually strained road network.

As we all know John Adams Way in Boston is one of the busiest roads in the country based on scale, Boston itself in terms of highways is a town divided with limited accessibility through it and none round it, so without doubt local residents and operators understand that whenever or whatever the maintenance requirements ‘need’ to occur, there will be an issue and an impact on traffic.

However, this is a biggie – it’s on the main artery through Boston and the only practical river crossing. It specifically causes huge problems for all road user, not least Brylaine as the largest independent bus operator in Lincolnshire.

We have our head office in Boston and from here we deliver a network of daily services for the public and education.

These go directly from Boston through to Lincoln, Spalding, Skegness, Spilsby, Mablethorpe, Alford, Horncastle, Woodhall Spa, Coningsby/Tattershall and of course the Boston Town service itself. The immediate impact to these last Monday meant many had delays of up to 80 minutes with all locations being effected.

Sadly, this continued throughout the week with delays averaging at 35 minutes across the network out of Boston.

Having had no prior consultation with Highways on the matter we would ask all passengers to please bear with us, as rest assured Brylaine is putting in place all available resources to counteract the effect of impending future congestion and delays.

However, we also hope our passengers understand that our resources are limited and that we are all working really hard, currently with no support and presently no communication from Highways, to provide much needed bus services as effectively as we can

Marrianne Garbutt

Communication &

Development Director