PARKING: You all have the right to challenge them

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Now that we have a civil enforcement scheme in Spalding issuing PCNs to motorists, Lincolnshire County Council parking services officer Matt Jones is citing the Highway Code, which only illustrates with reference to there meanings any road markings a motorist will encounter.

No doubt as Matt Jones is in paid employment as a county council parking services officer he will be fully conversant with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) Act 2002 which local authorities have to fully comply with before they can begin issuing PCNs.

If Mr Jones cares to leave his nice, warm office and walk the streets of Spalding armed with the rules and a tape measure he will find large areas of Spalding where the yellow lines laid will be in discrepancy as to the specified in tolerances (+/-) and seen condition (ie missing after road works or worn gaps etc) within this act being none-compliant and therefore the restrictions indicated are unenforceable. As for appeals being rejected on whatever grounds? Most reviewing your PCNs will have little knowledge as to the contents of the TSRGD Act 2002 as this long, boring, not easy understood Government document.

If you think you are being treated unfairly after losing an appeal you have the right to challenge any PCNs charges through an independent adjudicator who can rule on points of law within the TSRGD Act 2002 whether you have been justly or unjustly treated.

Mr P Speight

Reservoir Road