None of them absolved from responsibility

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A brief look at the record of Moulton Parish Council since 2001 reveals:

• No cash book kept by the clerk between 2001-2009.

• No accounts kept by the clerk during the period 2001-2009.

• No annual returns completed and submitted to the auditors or made available for inspection by the public during the years 2001-2009.

• Thousands of pounds of additional audit fees incurred through non-compliance with legal requirements.

• Thousands of pounds paid to the clerk even though he failed to properly perform his duties as the responsible financial officer for the council.

• Failure of the clerk to claim refund of VAT resulting in the loss of £61,210.58 to the council.

All Moulton Parish councillors need to remember that, as they are members of a continuing body, they are not absolved from responsibility due to changes in membership.

Trust, like respect, has to be earned and members of the parish council would do well to take heed of the advice proffered by Coun Poll at their last meeting.


Pipwell Gate

Moulton Seas End