No one is to blame but you

Re parking fine at Aldi (Readers’ View, October 25).

Daphne, by your own words, the responsibility is yours alone.

Your letter ended “Not a very nice feeling if all you want to do is visit their store”. That was not all you wanted to do. Earlier you wrote your husband went for an eye test first and was delayed.

Pay and display car parks are available for eye tests etc. Clue: Aldi car park is for Aldi shoppers, even though they do not stipulate you must actually shop there.

I went to do my shopping and could not find a space. You stayed longer than the maximum time clearly displayed, thus depriving me of a space.

It is not the Aldi policy of limiting parking time which is causing people to shop out of town, do not blame them. It is the actions of people like yourselves who do not abide by the very modest ‘rules’, in place to benefit everyone in the community.

Alan Cousins

Swallows Court

Pool Close