My ten-point plan to save the Flower Parade

The doom and gloom merchants seem to have pressed the “defeatist” button on their keypads again regarding the Spalding Flower Parade and are slowly writing it off.

If this annual event is to go forward, I suggest the following events coincide to bring visitors back to Spalding in their droves for the 2014 event and culminating in the Flower Parade.

How about these ten ideas then?

1 – London Routemaster bus and/or vintage bus/coach/car/lorry rally with free rides around Spalding.

2 – Local steam train services to/from Spalding to Sleaford/Peterborough and back.

3 – A huge agricultural and horticultural event to show off the best of Lincolnshire produce in all its glory and resplendent beauty.

4 – A massive European-wide 27-member state Farmers’ Market selling fine foods and wines.

5 – A huge travelling funfair and/or circus to entertain everyone.

6 – Several music events of modern music tempered with selected classical music.

7 – Local and regional businesses headed up by the various Chambers of Commerce, local business bosses, our own local South Holland District Council and the Lincolnshire County Council top brass to promote Spalding and to entice new businesses, new life and employment into this fine town and beyond in the form of a conference.

8 – An equestrian and/or out-of-town show-jumping event.

9 – A march-past of Fire, Police, Ambulance, Army, Navy and Airforce personnel – and our home-grown Lincolnshire Olympic event winners – complete with marching bands.

10 – Major computer gamers and other technologically-led events to encourage younger people.

What about the younger generations? What would THEY like to see? What events would encourage THEM to come to Spalding to be part of this local tradition?

It seems nobody has asked them and I find this incredible. So why HAS nobody asked them? Doesn’t anyone think they’ve got anything worthy to contribute towards this event? If yes, then they’re well wrong for certain.

This is my contribution to making the 2014 event a major success. Where does the money come from to pay for it I hear you ask? How about a contribution from the European Union, or from our National Lottery or from the UK Government.

If you don’t like my ideas. Fine. I can live with that as well but then at least have the decency to write in to this newspaper and suggest some of your own to make the Flower Parade come alive again. Unless the “doomers and gloomers” along with the “can’t do this, that or something else”, or the “ne’er do wells” and “tut-tut-tutters” really do win the day and the event is lost forever and consigned to history.

Alan Long

St Thomas’ Road