Mr Porter’s plan looks like a ‘rusty bucket job’ to me

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I have been reading the ongoing saga about council leader Gary Porter’s idea for signing up for ‘low cost’ gas and electric with slight bemusement.

Considering how many weeks this has been running, I find it hard to understand that only hundreds have shown interest as I would have thought the very same folk who voted Mr Porter into power would have backed his idea.

I think my late grandfather would have put it down to a “rusty bucket job” in that while “it looks sound, it don’t hold water”.

From comments I have picked up from people, some consider that it’s “swings and roundabouts”, as what you gain in one pocket, you lose in another plus there are those who have “capped” contracts for a certain period and won’t or can’t opt out yet.

It is a nice headline-grabbing idea but it’s a bit flawed when you look at it in context as one has to consider that everybody in the area did not vote for Mr Porter and his party 100 per cent, so the ‘other half’ who didn’t vote for him would not show support.

Perhaps another idea would be for every household to be supplied with a personal windmill and so generate one’s own personal power once the direction of wind has been sorted out.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End