Mow fewer times and have a veg patch to reap benefits

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I have just read the letter from Howard Huett, of Holbeach, entitled “Is no waiting at tip part of closure plan?” (June 12) and would like to reply to some of his points.

Four or five builder’s sand sacks of grass a week is an awful lot of garden waste. Where does he get it from? Is it all his? Can he not cut down on his mowing?

I have four lawns to mow and a vegetable and flower garden and even I do not get that much garden waste.

All of mine is composted at home, and the resulting compost used on the garden.

I would like to suggest that Mr Huett also composts his garden waste at home.

If he were to build himself a compost bin he could have the following benefits:

l No more trips to the tip, thus saving money and time

l Less petrol would be used, thus lowering Mr Huett’s carbon footprint

l The resulting compost could be used by Mr Huett on his garden, or alternatively he could give it to his friends, or even bag it and sell it

l He would be financially better off

While I do not agree with the policy of shorter opening hours at the tip, we have to make the most of the services provided.

If we all did home composting and grew our own vegetables the benefits would be enormous. Better tasting food, healthier lifestyles, less fuel used, less traffic on the roads, less wear and tear to the roads, to name but a few.

Andrew Bowell

Burchnall Close

Deeping St James