May they learn at least a little about the love of Jesus

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SITTING on holiday last week, I was struck by the many different ways people find to enjoy themselves, and how one person’s amusement is another’s worst nightmare.

So some bare nearly all to worship the sun, despite the warnings. Others spend money on slot machines and fairground rides.

A lot of people choose to walk or cycle today to help keep fit, no doubt with memories of the Olympics. Still others just sit in cars in the jams that make getting to Norfolk tricky at this time of year. For us, it is the opportunity to get away from the phone, email etc, with time to talk and read and enjoy this wonderful world that God gave us to care for.

Enjoying time together, with the opportunity to do the things we enjoy, and so often do not have the free time to enjoy. The holidays are drawing to a close and children are getting ready for new schools or different classes and teachers. As a church and as individuals we will be praying that they will quickly settle in and begin again learning the skills they will need in the workplace, and for daily living.

May God bless them and keep them all safe, and may they through their lessons learn at least a little about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ


Pastor of Fleet and

Sutton St James Baptist