Losing the like of Rita is a travesty

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The article entitled “Resigned Holbeach councillors hit back” (Lincolnshire Free Press, March 27) is accurate and I am pleased it has been published for the community to know the facts of this unfortunate situation.

The councillors that resigned are of good calibre and possessed integrity and principles, the latter quality being of the optimum importance for the role of being a parish councillor or any area within the local council structure.

To lose a chairperson of district councillor Rita Rudkin’s calibre and standing is a travesty for the council and the community of Holbeach.

Rita is well respected and liked by many in and around Holbeach, who have come to trust her in her capacity in the district council at South Holland and the term she served with Holbeach Parish Council.

For so many parish councillors to walk away and resign from a voluntary public service, especially in a large parish council such as Holbeach, and a couple who were long-standing hard working parish councillors, is very disturbing and it must be highlighted and I am pleased this has been executed by the local paper

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