LETTER: Why is Coun Brewis against something which will attract further investment?

I WOULD like to voice my support for the new marina proposal at Sutton Bridge.

I’m a businessman in Long Sutton, and even I am able to see the economic benefits of such a proposal in South Holland which diversifies from the main agricultural economy.

It is a new venture such as this that will attract further investment in the area and make it more attractive to visitors who will bring much needed income.

I am surprised Coun Brewis (who is a good friend) is trying to undermine something that will have such a positive impact especially as he is a councillor for Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton.

Surely the interest of the electors is more important than the feud he seems to have with the Nene Marine Committee?

I am sure most people realise his crowing is personal and not in the best interests of those who voted for him!

Everyone I have spoken to is supporting the project. The detractors are only those who are elected and are supposed to work for the good of the community not against it.

Why not leave the development to the people who understand it – Nene Marine CIC, Lincolnshire County Council, South Holland District Council and Fenland District Council – which are all much more qualified than Coun Brewis or his associate Coun Brandon King in such matters as marine engineering and the management of the river and craft that use it?

It’s not all about boating, look at the bigger picture, the increase in tourism and trade is obvious.

It can only bring prosperity to an area that sorely needs it and attract the possible future investment to a deprived area of Lincolnshire.


Silverwood Garden Centre