LETTER: Stop the mud slinging – marina will be asset

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I refer to your article about Sutton Bridge marina development and believe that the new marina will be an asset to the community.

However, it appears, that Coun Brewis and several nameless others should “encourage” this project, instead of his tiresome continual character assassination.

I suspect that Coun Brewis’s personal insinuations could be, perhaps, because Tom and Jenny Rowe, two of The Nene Marine directors, have championed the marina.

It is high time that Coun Brewis learnt how to work with all parish councillors, instead of mud slinging without foundation.

The implication that other directors will benefit financially is nonsense.

He questions the finances for the marina, yet when the community centre was in its embryonic stage Coun Brewis was against it.

The previous committee members (including Mrs Rowe) raised £30,000 and did all the work in obtaining the S106 money.

Now that it seems that it might eventually be completed, he jumps on the bandwagon and is supporting the community centre (Lincolnshire Free Press recently).

On May 17, 2010 at a parish council meeting he was so eager to sign over the application for S106 money for the SBCCF that those present deemed it unnecessary to see a current business plan or ask for a risk assessment.

If it fails and gets into difficulties, SBCCF could end up costing Sutton Bridge ratepayers about £25,000 a year for upkeep etc.

I wonder will he try and do the same when the Marina is completed? I do wish he would make his mind up and stick to it.


Stanley Drive

Sutton Bridge