LETTER: ‘Marina wouldn’t have bodies’ backing if it were underhand’

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You have invited comment on the proposed marina for Sutton Bridge. More important to begin with is that you seem to be taking Coun Brewis and his attitude seriously.

Coun Brewis is a well-practised expert at ‘secrecy and exclusivity’. When democratic alarm was expressed over his secret proposals for amendments to the Bridge Road Enhancement Scheme he pretended the alarm did not exist and killed off the only public meeting on the matter by losing his rag.

A consequence of his campaign is that around £20,000 was wasted on a pedestrian crossing few people will use because it is wrongly sited. He does not engage in proper discussion on any issue.

Being an expert at ‘secrecy and exclusivity’ himself he cannot but see others in the same light. Perhaps if he were more a part of the genuine community spirit in Sutton Bridge instead of persistently pursuing his own agenda and sniping on the sidelines he might find that he could be a useful part of a continuing dialogue about what Sutton Bridge really needs.

An observation might be that Coun Brewis only ever lends passing support to the rare things he has initiated himself or will get some kudos from, otherwise he opposes without rhyme or reason.

If Jenny Rowe had been in charge of the community centre and Mr Clery proposing the marina where would his loyalties lie?

Surely if there were anything underhand in the organisation of the marina project it would hardly have the backing of the outside bodies which it currently enjoys?

And where is this ‘strong feeling’ and ‘deep concern’ which he mentions in his letter coming from?

Colin Blundell

Sutton Bridge