LETTER: It’s business as usual for council

ONE might have hoped a few changes of face after the May elections would have altered the operating of Sutton Bridge Parish Council – especially with a new chairman – but it looks like business as usual.

Part of the function of a sound parish council is to ask questions – something the previous parish council was singularly inept at doing, eg over changes to the Bridge Road Enhancement Scheme and the proposed Wingland incinerator.

But it ill-befits its notionally impartial chairman to stage what amounts to a personal attack on fellow Couns Rowe and Rowe by publicly questioning their integrity.

Mr Brandon-King, in his chairman role, should know that, according to the Code of Conduct, councillors are required to exercise respect 24/7.

If he inspired a little more cohesion in the parish council one might have thought he could have spoken in private to Couns Rowe and Rowe to discover answers to the questions he is perfectly entitled to pose.

Leave the sniping to ‘Sheriff’ Brewis.


on behalf of Bridge Watch