LETTER: ‘I can help with mystery names at Sutton St James garden fete’

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I AM writing to you about the photograph in ‘Through your Archives’ of the picture of Sutton St James garden fete.

Mrs Anderson has unfortunately got it wrong as Mrs Hunter Rowe was not the vicar’s wife, she was married to Reginald Hunter Rowe who was an agricultural labourer. She was my auntie, my dad’s youngest sister. There was no David Hunter, it was David Hunter Rowe, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Hunter Rowe, who also had two other sons Brian and Roger, and daughter Wendy. The Goodale girl was Brenda, sister to Ivy. Brenda was my school friend and when she married I was one of her bridesmaids.

There were lots of others at that fete, who I recall, and Mrs Hunter Rowe is not in the picture.

Others not mentioned from this are David and John Coe (twins), Cynthia George, Christine Lakey, Trevor Starr, Janet Starr, Pat Starr, Elizabeth Boardman, John Boardman, Margaret Starr, Joyce Starr, Eileen Starr, Jill Starr, Pam Clarke, Stella Bowers, Elizabeth Bowers, June Coe and lots of others.

I spent a lot of my life at Sutton St James, at school and at the Baptist Chapel.

If Mrs Anderson would like to contact me through your newspaper I am sure we could have a lot in common.