Let’s see parish spending

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Having read the numerous articles in the local paper regarding parish councils, I have also been reading an article produced by the Audit Commission.

The commission points out that the nearly 9,500 parish councils spend £500million a year between them.

This is not a small sum of money and it would be nice see it published in the local paper where the “precept”, the money collected through our council tax, is spent by our local parish councils.

As an elected body, the parish council through its councillors, is responsible to the people it represents – that’s the local community.

I notice some parish councils have websites and actively ask for suggestions as to where to spend the money.

I tried to search for my own local parish council website and could not find a site for them? Maybe there is one and I could just not find it. It would be nice to see a site for suggestions.

Not everyone can attend evening meetings and it would be nice to feel that local views are being heard and on the agenda.

D Adams

Seas End Road

Moulton Seas End