Let’s actually see proper action on faster broadband

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I have worked in Lincolnshire most of my life in the horticultural and food industries.

I do not expect to have city quality services in a rural location but where services are concerned it would be good to have a broadband service which is compatible with that of my competitors’ cities and surrounding areas.

Mobile phone are the same and so is the post so why is it that we cannot have a broadband service that is comparable?

The service providers and infrastructure companies are there to give us an equal service nationwide within reason. They are making the profits, and so should be updating the services.

Over many years they have not been taking care of the asset (the line wires and exchanges) and just been patching them up, but have been returning dividends to their shareholders.

I should be thankful I have a service at all. At times I haven’t though.

At 5 o’clock in a morning the service shuts down and 5 to 6 in an afternoon the same applies. During the day it is variable but in no way is it fast enough in comparison to some services I have seen.

I am paying for BT business broadband at £24 per month and have been for two years on the promise of a good service soon.

All in all the service is poor, outdated and needs renewal. Now we have a government initiative and funds to do some of it. We need to get on and push for the work to be done.

The county council is in partnership with online Lincolnshire I spent some time on this site and to me it looks as though this is being funded with the cash that should be spent on the installation of the new fibre optic services, I could not find anywhere that actually gave me the ability to sign up to a petition or show that I am willing to subscribe.

What we need is a proactive organisation to represent us – the SMEs – and get something going, not blow the cash on websites.

Let’s be seeing some action, and if we want better service we should contact the council and say so.