Knock down the old hospital and turn that into a town park

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That is the ideal place for a car park and the fair so, council, were would you put another car park and where would the fair go? Out of town like you seem to want the football field out of town?

Knock the old hospital down and turn that into a wonderful park, then people can sit and look at the council offices (what’s the point in saying it’s a listed building, you seem to want to knock everything else into the ground).

You want to bring shops to the town... there’s Currys’ old shop empty for years now, Dryden’s, Wimpy, the one next door, the book shop that was.

And why are the shops empty – the leases on them. Greed. There’s no way shops will stay open... you seem to forget this is a small market town, and you won’t change the town into something it is not. The former Post Office building could have been something different to what it is now (a bookies) and the old TSB bank could have been something different to a Chinese and Indian restaraunt.


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