Just who chopped down this behemoth of nature, and why?

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Spalding, as you know, is a beautiful market town. Many of its streets are lined with the most beautiful large trees.

One of the loveliest and grandest of these trees stands at the junction of Pinchbeck Road and West Elloe Avenue.

It is a beautiful tree, somewhere in the region of 50 to 60ft tall, which is on the right-hand side of the road when driving into Spalding.

If you were close to the traffic lights and they changed to red there was always a minute or two to admire this beautiful tree – I have lost count of the times that I wished I had a camera to record the tree through the seasons.

Fresh, light green leaves appearing in the spring, huge green leaves in the summer which treated you to a few minutes in dappled sunlight, and if you looked at the bark it is a mix of dappled creams and greens.

Red, brown and yellow leaves falling to earth in the autumn.

Then the starkness of winter, which reminded you how tall the tree was.

I say was as, driving out of Spalding this morning, I was very upset to see that this beautiful behemoth of nature has been chopped down, along with the tree next to it.

Why has this been done and by whom? Will they now go all along Pinchbeck Road and chop all of those beautiful trees down too?

I ask that as I’m sure the excuse for chopping down the tree will be the usual health and safety one. I ask your readers; when they have stopped and are waiting for the lights to change to green to take a moment, look up in front of you and admire the trees. Remember them as one day they will all be gone.

Mrs S Basil

Hiltons Lane