Jubilee wood suggestion

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CAN I through your pages express my thoughts on the appeal for a Jubilee wood in Long Sutton?

In the Lincolnshire Free Press (September 27) I read with interest that the Long Sutton In Bloom team were looking for land to create a jubilee wood.

Living opposite the Shrubberies, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust site in Long Sutton, I thought what a wonderful opportunity this would be, to create a wood here.

At present there are some wonderful old trees, a wild flower meadow, pond and plenty of wildlife, and substantial amount of pasture land. But I understand that the trust has other plans.

This site was bequeathed to the trust by the late Mrs Fletcher, who, I’m sure, hoped by giving this land to the trust they would continue to preserve it for future generations’ enjoyment.

Since Mrs Fletcher left Long Sutton and her demise this site has matured, but sadly this year we have seen no geese, so possibly this is the time for the trust to consider developing the site for this areas nature and wildlife lovers.

Long Sutton is very fortunate to have lots of green space close to the town centre, and footpaths across the countryside, but a woodland walk and this nature reserve would be an extra.

It could be recreational and educational with the right management, which I’m sure the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust have expertise in, if their sites in other parts of the county are anything to go by.

The site is only open occasionally to the public.


Gedney Road

Long Sutton