It makes the town so unsightly and scruffy

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I too am disgusted by the lack of attention to this by our council and I have spoken to many people who also agree how unsightly and scruffy it makes the town look.

I am also disgusted with the state of our village streets, roadside verges and ditches.

Some of the dykes and verges on our minor roads have not seen a clean up for over 18 months.

I have spoken and emailed the council to be told that their policies for litter picking and road sweeping, outside of towns is that it is only done if people complain.

This is disgraceful in the 21st century. If other counties can provide a regular service why can’t ours?

The amount of litter and dumping of rubbish in this area is making us look like a third world country.

I realise it is not the council’s fault but we need a regular service. Of course there will be excuses that there is not enough money, but this is unacceptable.

I also feel that it’s high time our council brought themselves in line with other areas and provide us with refuse bins as opposed to sacks.

It is a much cleaner option as sacks get torn apart by vermin, animals and the elements.

I am sure there are many people who agree regarding these issues but time and effort make it difficult to address them.

I hope this brings it to the attention of someone who can make a difference and ensure that this beautiful, unique landscape is not blighted by copious amounts of litter and dumping.

M Hill