INCINERATOR: Both talking nonsense

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The recent spat between C. Brandon-King and K Mills regarding the nature of “facts” is of interest for the simple reason that they each talk nonsense, and both confuse “facts” with propaganda.

Mills in the hopelessly inaccurate account of the merits of a marina, and Brandon-King’s equally inaccurate gloss on the merits of an incinerator.

One gets the impression that both are puppet mouthpieces for the interest groups each defends, with little regard to “facts”.

Mr Brandon-King has a long history of using wild and insulting language. I do not know who Mills is but I suspect she/he is rather too close to the marina group to be able to distinguish their propaganda from the facts. The marina will be a costly flop, and Brandon-King is right to question it.

The incinerator is a very different matter, however, and given the pressing and unanswered questions regarding its potential environmental impact, if it were to go ahead, it would present a threat to life quality in the area.

The issue is too important to be the plaything of PREL stooges. Facts, not propaganda please! Is Mr Brandon-King really so gullible and naive to believe what PREL have told him? The people of Sutton Bridge have voted; they do not want an incinerator, and nor I suspect, will they forgive those who do.

MJ Reid

Bridge Road

Sutton Bridge