Inacurracy in our planning application

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Further to your recent report about my company’s proposal to construct a wind turbine in Long Sutton, I write to highlight an inaccuracy in our original planning application.

We incorrectly suggested that the wind turbine would provide power to the Princes factory at Long Sutton.

In fact, no negotiations have been entered into with Princes.

Given it is our intention to offer this lower cost power to all local businesses, we would include Princes in any such offer but no offer has been made to them at this time.

This error will be rectified through the submission of an addendum to the application.

The structure of electricity distribution would allow us to export power to business customers within the local Central Networks East electricity distribution area at lower cost than to customers outside. We intend to offer the power to businesses as local as possible.

The benefit to local businesses is that we can offer them our power at a lower price than on the open market. Given this, and the fact that the power is from renewable sources so could assist local businesses in meeting their requirements in relation to carbon emissions, we believe the proposal supports local business.

There will be public consultation on May 3 and 4 (10am to 8pm) at the Sutton Bridge Curlew Centre where we will answer any questions.

Neil Mather


Little Sutton Energy